A Beautiful Mind

Over the weekend I watched A Beautiful Mind, the Oscar winning film from 2001 about the brilliant mathematician and Nobel laureate John Nash, who was plagued by paranoid schizophrenia for decades before eventually learning how to manage his delusions without medications. Stepping back a few weeks, I read a great book at the beginning of […]

The Law of Averages

You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with. – Jim Rohn I’ve heard countless references to this Jim Rohn quote over the years and have frequently brought it to mind in times of contemplation of how my life is affected by the cluster of people around me.  While there […]

Elements of Identity

In mathematics, an identity equation holds true regardless of the values chosen. By definition, the two sides of the equation are interchangeable so that one can be replaced by the other at any time. In humans, identity refers to the character qualities, personality traits, and routine behaviors that define an individual. In both cases, input […]