Jessica Seamster has been a self-employed apparel patternmaker and prototype sewing engineer for over a decade. She recently relocated to Denver after spending a (baker’s) dozen years in the mountains of Colorado.

While she has never identified as a numbers person or math nerd, Jessica did win an Algebra 2 award in high school. The only math classes she took in college were to fulfill basic requirements; Honors Calculus and Elementary Statistics were far from her strongest academic achievements or memories at the College of Charleston, where she double majored in Arts Management and Costume Technology. An Accounting class also seemed dull at the time, but the material has remained relevant as she’s managed her own business books since.

These days, she has a math whiz elementary school girl of her own who provides endless opportunities to practice problem solving. Jessica has always loved to read and research new ideas, and her latest project is a deep dive into developing a fresh perspective on how mathematics is actually a fundamental poetic language that illustrates universal laws in the world around us.